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Aviary offers two types of plans: Subscriptions or Pay As You Go. Only interested in accessing content in Aviary? You can browse public content for free!

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Starter Pro Business Premium Premium Plus Premium Max
Plan Cost
Plan Cost $9.95 $99.95 $399.95 $999.95 $1,499.95 $1,999.95
  Maximum no of Resources
Maximum no of Resources 100 Resources 1,000 Resources 5,000 Resources 25,000 Resources 75,000 Resources 150,000 Resources
Starter Pro Business Premium Premium Plus Premium Max
Plan Cost
Plan Cost $95.52 $959.52 $3,839.52 $9,599.52 $14,399.50 $19,199.50
  Maximum no of Resources
Maximum no of Resources 100 Resources 1,000 Resources 5,000 Resources 25,000 Resources 75,000 Resources 150,000 Resources
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Pay as you go

Pay As You Go

No monthly commitments, pay only for what you use.

Pay-as-you-go numbers (monthly only)

  • First 1,000 Resources
  • Next 4,500 Resources
  • Next 17,500 Resources
  • Next 25,000 Resources
  • Greater than 50,000 Resources
Price ($)
  • $ 0.150
  • $ 0.090
  • $ 0.040
  • $ 0.020
  • $ 0.010

Now you can set up an OHMS repository and get Aviary for Free!

OHMS Aviary Subscription Details
  • All Existing OHMS Functionality
    • Interview Manager (create unlimited Interview records)
    • Project Module
    • Index Utility
    • Transcript Synchronization Tool
    • Thesaurus Management
  • Most Aviary Functionality
    • Limited to 10 Resources (explore how Aviary can work for your access needs)
    • No media storage (upgrade to Aviary Starter Plan for storage options)

Storage Billing

  • Need storage? Read more here to find out about storage options.
  • You can stream content from YouTube, Vimeo, Avalon, or SoundCloud directly into Aviary for no extra storage costs. Aviary just uses the embed codes that you provide from those 3rd party services.
  • If you would like to store audio or video files in Aviary for streaming directly from Aviary, you can utilize Aviary storage on Wasabi (and soon also Amazon S3). Wasabi costs $0.0059 per GB/month ($5.99 per TB/month)* for storage of audio and video files. Aviary will calculate your monthly storage usage from Wasabi and bill you directly for this cost using the payment method you have designated for your subscription to Aviary. Storage costs are billed monthly, even if you select a yearly subscription.
* Storage pricing is subject to change based on Wasabi’s storage pricing.

Aviary Customer Support Packages

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We want to make sure you love the Aviary experience! We can help get you started, keep you supported, and elevate your use with the client support services below. Reach out for a conversation about customizing a package for your collections today.

Support Services Included in any Aviary Subscription Lite Plus Advanced

Custom CSS

We can do a quick skim or do a deep dive to integrate your website's look.

NA $400.00 $1,600.00 $2,400.00

Data modeling

Get your existing metadata cleaned up and ready for import into Aviary's templates.

NA 2 hours/$400 4 hours/$800 6 hours/$1200

Onboarding support

We'll ask you questions about how you want to use Aviary, set up the basics, then give a training handoff to your team.

4 hours 8 hours/$1,600 (plus included) 12 hours/$2,400 (plus included) 20 hours/$4,000 (plus included)

Continued support and training

Bank some support time with our software developers to help whenever you need it.

Chatbot and email support with 24 hour response for minor support issues and bug reports. 8 hours/$1,600 (plus included) 16 hours/$3,200 (plus included) 32 hours/$6,400 (plus included)

External system integrations

Reap the benefits of Aviary's flexibility to work with the systems you already have.

NA $8,000.00 $12,000.00 $16,000.00

Data migration

Tell us about the quantity and complexity of your data and we'll come up with a plan for migration.

NA $8,000.00 $12,000.00 $16,000.00

Permissions setup and management

If you have more complicated needs for permissions we can work with you to set them up for seamless interactions.

NA 2 hours/$400 4 hours/$800 8 hours/$1,600

Bulk Import package support

We can show you how to get your import together or step in and handle it all.

2 hours 2 hours/$400 (plus included) 8 hours/$1,600 (plus included) 16 hours/$3,200 (plus included)

SSO configuration

We'll support SSO setup so your team has a secure and easy experience.

NA $800.00 $1,600.00 $3,200.00

Vimeo/YouTube/Facebook migration packages

If you have your AV scattered around, we can work with you to bring it all into one spot.

NA $4,000.00 $8,000.00 $12,000.00

More about Aviary?

Check Aviary's features to learn how our platform can help your organization provide enhanced access to your audiovisual collections.

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